My mindset

Overall, I follow the good practices of design thinking, lean ux and agile methodologies to develop my work, and especially, in the concepts and creative thinking suggested by the Double Diamond Framework

I use the Double Diamond concepts to solve problems and create solutions in a creative, flexible and collaborative way, always focusing on the end user. Although it may seem a linear process, this approach allows me to adapt steps, tasks and deliverables, according to the problem that is to be solved.


The discovery phase kicks off the understand phase of every project. It is all about divergent thinking through market and user research in order to explore the problem.


The definition phase is all about connecting the ideas and research the solutions that resolve the business goals according the users needs.


The construction phase is about diverging the approach again, by generating multiple deliverables, prototypes, testing with users and refining the designs, if necessary.


The delivery phase is about the launch of the most recent version of the product or feature, through presentations and design specification documents.